About Us


ACE School has been conceived with the sole purpose of providing effective solutions to your child’s school related issues, and with a conviction of making well-accomplished, responsible and all-rounded personalities of the future.
At ACE School, academics is neatly integrated with other developmental activities – workshops, performing arts, sports to name just a few general ones. Each student is allowed to explore areas of interest and exploit talents to the maximum potential.
The teachers are passionate about their subjects and are committed to pass on their enthusiasm to the students. Each student is ensured special attention to help him achieve confidence – a gift for life.
The school is equipped with outstanding educational aids and modern teaching techniques. But its core inspiration is essentially Indian.
The wider version of ACE School is to cultivate individuals who are not only successful in their professional and personal lives but ones who take upon themselves the challenge of making India a superpower.

Vision and Mission

The mission of the ACE school is to help each child become confident by improving the skills needed for success, and establish values that will encourage thoughtfulness and being a good citizen of our country.
Having sound academics is important, but to be a thinker, leader and an innovator, it is necessary to have good logic, inquisitiveness and an analytical mind. This is what ACE School strives to develop in the students.
Developing good communication skills and being a good team player is what enables communication and success in life. ACE School is a dynamic, adapting institute which creates a wonderful environment for the children, which enables us to create national wealth – kind and sensitive citizens who are leaders, thinkers, innovators and pioneers.
Students who pass out of the system of ACE School develop a sense of integrity and a good value system. They understand the community around them well and have good communication abilities. They are empowered to learn on their own, make the right choices and take on challenges that come their way.
We also think that our vision will become a movement, and eventually, everyone will be, or want to be, a part of this movement.


School in Action

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    How do academics work?

    Planning plays a major role in imparting academics to the children in the Synapse Learning System.
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    Why do we have so much focus on sports? We know that a sound mind can reside only in a sound body – so physical fitness is the primary necessity of an individual’s well-being.

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    Why do we do so many arts?

    Educating children involves teaching them how to express their ideas, feelings and experiences.