What makes us special

Day boarding and its differentiators

When we want our children to do so many things in the day, the best and least stressful way of doing it is to make all these things available under one roof. Added activities result in a longer day for the children in school. Their energy is focused on the picking up the skills they are exposed to and they get ample time to relax. They do not have to shuttle across town from class to class. Children spend their entire day in the safe environment of the school where all their needs are catered to. A team of experts passionate about education have worked on creating this system which ensures that education remains enjoyable not just for the children, but also for parents.


All of us know the problems that children face in the present schooling system. Children have heavy school bags weighing them down. What’s in the bag? Textbooks, notebooks, workbooks, writing material and food. At our school, we make sure the children get everything in the school itself so they do not have to carry all these things from home. That results in a completely bag-less school!
Worksheets and stationery are provided in the school. Due to this, the children do not have to carry notebooks, workbooks and writing material. As the worksheets are completed and corrected, children take them home. The textbooks are in the school itself. Children have their own copy of textbooks at home. They do not have to carry those back and forth every day.
As the children are in school for the whole day, they need to eat two to three times. In their growing years, having a balanced square meal is essential – which we all know just cannot be packed into a tiffin box! So, fresh and nutritious meals are provided in the school too. That eliminates the tiffin from the bag too.
The icing on the cake is that our school doesn’t burden the students with tedious homework activities either. Most of the practice and writing is done in the school itself. Once children come home, they are free to be with their family and continue enjoying their childhood.


Planned learning

Teachers use a lot of multimedia and technology to help teach the students and also for evaluation and reporting. Parents get a lot of time with the teachers and also receive elaborate reports to understand what their children are up to. This detailed methodology and logistics together is the Synapse Learning System through which we impart our values and quality education in the school.

Customized classrooms

The infrastructure is carefully selected and designed per school. The classrooms are subject-specific and the interiors are decorated accordingly. The whole room becomes a learning aid and has the ambience of the topic at hand. Students change classes as their time table progresses. This keeps them refreshed and attentive.

A majority of our classrooms have modular furniture. Such collaborative classrooms teach the children to interact with and learn from their peers as much as from their teachers. An atmosphere conducive to better learning is thus established. The traditional layout of desks within a classroom is kept to a bare minimum. In certain classrooms, furniture is almost absent to allow for better movement and communication.

Multidimensional learning

The Synapse Learning system exposes students to a number of hands-on activities that make use of real-life skills. A healthy mix of academics and extracurricular activities leads to multi-dimensional learning; a must-have skill in today’s fast-paced world.
Right from the first standard, children are exposed to facilities like the Science Lab, Math Lab and Language Lab. Children learn about current affairs, financial planning, analytical thinking and so on through a unique treatment given to daily classroom sessions.

School in Action

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    How do academics work?

    Planning plays a major role in imparting academics to the children in the Synapse Learning System.
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    Why do we have so much focus on sports? We know that a sound mind can reside only in a sound body – so physical fitness is the primary necessity of an individual’s well-being.

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    Why do we do so many arts?

    Educating children involves teaching them how to express their ideas, feelings and experiences.