Our System

Our system of education

We believe that education is an activity that must have a formative effect on the mind, body and soul of an individual. For this, there has to be a strong learning process which we implement through a very well researched program.
In our school, we make sure that children get well rounded, meaningful education.  It is designed in such a way that the delivery is stress-free and enjoyable and at the same time, gives them an edge in a highly competitive world. As children assimilate the knowledge they have acquired, education here becomes a truly enlightening experience.
In the 21st century, information is readily available. What is important is how the mind can understand it, analyze it and decide the course of action. This new age demands application, problem solving and conceptualization. All this is neatly integrated into the Synapse Learning System<link: synapseduin> which we implement in the school.


School in Action

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    How do academics work?

    Planning plays a major role in imparting academics to the children in the Synapse Learning System.
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    Why do we have so much focus on sports? We know that a sound mind can reside only in a sound body – so physical fitness is the primary necessity of an individual’s well-being.

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    Why do we do so many arts?

    Educating children involves teaching them how to express their ideas, feelings and experiences.

Integrated program and its benefits

Integrated program and its benefits

Super planning and good systems create an interesting day for the child. Along with the regular academics, children get trained in a lot of other areas – like sports, dance, drama, art, craft, music, science lab, math lab, language arts, current events, financial management etc. The additional exposure is not just packed as ‘after school activity’, it is neatly integrated into the core academics so that the children get a break between lessons and can unwind and enjoy activities more. It helps them do better in core academics and also helps them attain a higher level of proficiency in other skills. Bringing all this to the children in the right order results in our integrated program with the best material, training and facilities.

The need for a school like this

An innovative approach towards stress-free education is the need of the era. Education should be a wholesome and enjoyable experience. Putting too much pressure ruins it permanently for the child. This pressure manifests itself in many different avatars. Tedious homework causes frayed nerves for both parents and children. Examinations focused on rote learning make parents edgy. Additionally, parents want to expose their children to many different things – so comes the shuttling from one hobby class to the other. And, of course there is studying to be done. So the child may study at home with parents or grandparents or may go for yet another tuition class. We have re-oriented education by taking care of all of the problems resulting in a schooling system which is world-class, and ready for tomorrow! Out-of-the-box thinking and meticulous planning makes this possible. This is the need of all the stakeholders– the children, the parents and the teachers; to be relaxed and enjoy the process of gaining and giving knowledge.


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